Ladies' Luncheon - April 11th - Connecting Landscape and Story in Southern Utah

The Bloomington Country Club hosts a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt for children of members and staff each year.  We are asking our members to donate bags of candy for the hunt this year.  If you can pick up a bag of candy at Costco or elsewhere to contribute, PLEASE BE CERTAIN THAT EACH PIECE OF CANDY WILL BE INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED.  Kim will have a big Easter basket at the front desk so, if you can, please help us out by donating some candy for the little children in our Bloomington family.  Thank you, we certainly appreciate you.  

Join us Thursday, April 11th at the Ladies’ Luncheon, as we meet Lyman Hafen, and discuss “Connecting Landscape and Story in Southern Utah”. Our Social Hour starts at 11:30am and our speaker will begin at noon, lunch is served afterward at around 12:30. We’ll be having Chicken Oriental salad, served with rolls and cheesecake for dessert! To make a reservation, contact our front desk at (435) 673-4687.

Lyman Hafen is a native of St. George, Utah.  He grew up on the southern edge of what was then a small town and as a boy developed a strong sense of place roaming the broken landscape and listening to the stories his father told.

He became a horseman on the family ranch in Clover Valley, Nevada, and was the 1973 Utah State High School Rodeo All Around Champion.  He graduated from Dixie High School in 1973, and Dixie College, where he was also a member of the rodeo team, in 1977.

He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Argentina from 1974-76.  In 1977, he married Debbie Frei of Santa Clara, Utah. Debbie has been a violin teacher and member of the Southwest Symphony since 1983.  They have six children and 16 grandchildren.

Lyman graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications in 1979.  Since 1980, he has been a writer, editor, publisher, and active volunteer in community, state and national organizations.  He was co-founder of St. George Magazine in 1983, and was its editor for 16 years.  He continues to write a monthly column chronicling the history, culture and personality of his fast-changing hometown.

He has written twelve books of fiction and nonfiction and his writing has been honored on several occasions by the Utah Arts Council.  He has written and directed three documentary films. He was appointed by Governor Jon Huntsman to the board of directors of the Utah Arts Council.  Over the years he has written numerous articles for regional and national publications, and has served as publisher of important books including Portraits of Loss – Stories of Hope, which sparked the multi-million-dollar fundraising effort for victims of the 2005 Santa Clara-Virgin River Flood.

Since 1998, he has served as executive director of Zion Natural History Association, now known as the Zion Forever Project, in Zion National Park.