BCC Ladies' Lunch - November 8th

Join us Thursday, November 8th for our next BCC Ladies’ luncheon! If you have never been to a luncheon before, now would be a perfect time to start! We're coming into a new season which means plenty of new friends and new activities.

The lunch for Thursday will be Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls and spice cake for dessert. Social time starts at 11:30am and our speaker will be at noon with lunch to follow. For reservations contact our front desk at (435) 673-4687.

For Thursday's speaker, we'll have a presentation from Gabe Adams. For over three years, Gabe has been traveling the country and sharing the extraordinary story of his life and overcoming its challenges. Born without limbs to a single and poor mother in Brazil, he faced a bleak future with limited options. However, divine intervention brought word of him to his future adoptive parents in the United States, where Gabe embarked on a journey of courage, perseverance and a dedication to inspiring others.

While attending Dixie High School in St. George, Utah, Gabe not only served as the Senior Class Officer, he excelled at dance and communication, all while delivering motivational talks around the country. Living an almost independent and ‘normal’ life, Gabe is also an accomplished artist and actively pursuing his love of Interior Design. No one understand better than Gabe the challenges that life can throw at us. And no one is more qualified to speak about overcoming those challenges to rise up and pursue your dreams. His motto: ‘No limbs. Just a smile for miles.’ And he lives up to it each and every day!

Gabe has shared his incredible story with ten of thousands of people. This includes the US Congress, the Maury Show and over 65 schools around the country to name a few. As a keynote speaker, Gabe shares his amazing life in his own personal and moving way which will have everyone at your event elevated to a new level. ‘No Limbs. Just A Smile For Miles.’

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