Wine Club - Blind Tasting

It's time again to wine and dine at BCC!

Wine Club - Blind Tasting
Thursday, January 25
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM in the Bar
Pasta Bar $20.00 per person
1/2 off corkage fee! ($5)

Rules for Blind Bottles:
- Either bring 2 Red or 2 White, from any region
- Must be in brown bag upon arrival
- Fill out index card with wine details
(Region, Winery, Varietal, Flavor Notes, Price)

Rules for Tasting:
- Each member will approach each bottle and taste without looking in the bag.
- Each member will try to guess the Region, Winery, Varietal, Flavor Notes & Price

For Reservations please call 435-673-4687.

Cancellation Policy Applies:
In order to avoid full event charge, all cancellations must be received and
confirmed on or before 24 hours prior to the event, unless otherwise publicized.