Join the Ladies Golf Association Today!

Hello future and current members of BCC! We have Mary from the Ladies Golf Association explaining to us exactly what the LGA is and how to join!

The aim and purpose of the Ladies Golf Association is to promote and sponsor ladies golf at BCC, to welcome and encourage participation by all members, current and new, and to foster sportsmanship and hospitality among all women members.

During our season (October through May), Tuesday mornings are designated as Ladies Day.  The game of the day is flighted, handicaps are used, and the pro shop reports the winners.  Some of our tournaments require partners, both with other ladies, and a couple with a male partners (husband/significant other/friend…these are very popular!).

The bottom line…this is a caring, fun loving group of ladies that are doing something they all enjoy doing…playing golf!!!

We're lucky to have such a fun group of women playing golf at BCC, if this is something you're interested in--feel free to email Mary at for more information.

To join right away, please click here to view the LGA Membership Application.

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