Golf Course Update

The golf course is making great strides this summer as the Bermuda grass is thriving with the heat that we have had over the last 60 days!

Our fairways are filling in, the lakes are full of water and the greens continue to mature.  We do need your help in taking care of our facility.  We have noticed an increased amount of ball marks that are not being repaired.  We need each player to take personal responsibility to repair their own ball mark and at least one additional ball mark.  If we do this, we will see a marked improvement in a very short time.

Also, we have seen some sunflower seeds on the greens.  These are such a problem for other players, please be courteous to others and avoid sunflower seeds on the course.  We have also found our driving range balls on the golf course.  If you see anyone using range balls on the golf course, please let us know so we can speak with them.  Thanks for helping to make Bloomington a better place for all.

We will be overseeding the golf course this fall with rye grass for the upcoming season.  We will close the golf course and driving range beginning September 1st for this procedure.  This will give us the color and conditions that you have come to expect during the major part of our golf season.  We plan to reopen the course on September 29th.

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