Food & Beverage Minimum

Dear Members,

As we announced in the Founders Meeting on April 4, 2017, a Food and Beverage minimum will be implemented starting on the July 1, 2017 statement. As of the next upcoming statement, all members will be billed a $50 monthly credit to be used during that monthly period, with the next $50 credit being billed on the August 1 statement. These $50 minimums do not roll over to the next month. Alternatively, members can choose to opt into a $300 semiannual Food and Beverage minimum to provide greater flexibility and accrual of dining credit over a longer period of time. (If members choose this semiannual option, the cost will appear on their statement at the end of each six-month period, rather than being billed the $300 up front.)

While we have not maintained the Food and Beverage minimums over the past few years, this decision will help ensure members are getting the most out of the wonderful dining options available inside the clubhouse and at the pool's newly renovated Snack Shack. We have appreciated your patience and loyalty through the renovation process of The Club and look forward to providing updated amenities to help you enjoy this summer season at the country club.

As always, please contact Velvet with any questions about these changes–or to opt into the semiannual Food and Beverage minimum–at 435-673-4687.

Best wishes,

Bloomington Country Club

Marketing Department